Applicants Must:
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a background void of a felony conviction.
  • Live in a servicing state (Arise does not operate in CA, CT, MD, MA, OR, WI).
  • Have verifiable customer service experience.
  • Have the ability to commit to self selected hours scheduled.
  • Understand the concept of professionalism.

Effective Workspace

For many, part of the appeal of working from home, is being able to spend more time with our families, both human and furry four-legged members! While this is encouraged, sometimes "life happens" and it can interfere with customers. In order to be successful with CMC Universal and AVS, it is imperative that you have space to work that is free from background interference. Remember, when a customer calls you are representing a Fortune 500 company. 

 Professionalism is Paramount!

Required equipment

  • Desktop Computer or Laptop (All-in-one computers are not compatible)
  • Noise Cancelling Universal Headset (Must have outlet for phone and computer)
  • Hardline Internet (No wireless or Wi-Fi)
  • Home Telephone (No Cell Phone, Magic Jack etc.)
  • Email Account that is checked regularly

Voice Assessment

Ever heard of information getting lost in translation? It's absolutely a real life phenomenon! A customer's inability to understand a representative can lead to miscommunication and frustration.  To help ensure the exchange between you and the caller is clear and free of obstructions, all CMC Universal teammates MUST pass an AVS voice assessment.

Why CMC Universal?

If you're interested in partnering with CMC Universal, you're already a stellar individual! Our team is focused and geared towards improving our existing team and adding influential, driven, and creative individuals to our force to help their success and ours.